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Why choose DC Sports Physio Clinic

Here for you

Whether you are a child, an athlete, office worker, or grandparent, we treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions!



We excel in providing excellent care for all our patient and focus on delivering results to help patient get reach their goals sooner!


We have registered physiotherapists who are trained in manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy, McKenzie Diagnostic Therapy, and soft tissue release.


We strive to get you better, sooner, and faster with long term solutions!

Clinic Core Values

We focus treating the true root of your injuries and to provide long term health solutions

We value evidence based treatment and your safety

We work with integrity and honesty

We believe that people are healed because of the power of Jesus Christ through our team

Physio therapy


On your initial assessment, we will do a 40 minute assessment to assess movement, range, posture, and function. Be sure to wear the appropriate clothing for assessing movement (T shirt and shorts).

Then we will provide treatment and exercises to help improve function.

Exercise sheets will be emailed after appointments to guide with home treatment.

Tele rehab

Telerehab is a safe and effective method of delivering physiotherapy assessment and treatment via videoconferencing using a webcam.
It can be performed on a computer/laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Why Telerehab?

Patients can securely share health information in a safe and efficient manner with our physiotherapist, and be treated for their condition through special tests and exercises.

Simple household objects can be used for exercises!

Who should use Telerehab?

Telerehab can be used by anyone who cannot leave their home or office for a certain reason. For example: pandemic, work travel, stay at home parent, sick and unable to leave home, living in a rural area/areas restricted to healthcare, or incarceration.

Telerehab can be administered anywhere with a secure internet connection.

It is recommended that the treatment be done in a quiet and safe area according to each patient's needs.

Getting Started with Telerehab

Each patient should have a well lit area to work in and have adequate room to move around. Patients can wear loose gym clothing they are able to move around in and roll up as needed for assessment. A sturdy chair with a back rest is recommended. The physiotherapist will make open suggestions to what else can be used for treating the patient. An electronic device with webcam and microphone will be required for telerehab.

Concussion Therapy

Concussion is a form of brain injury caused by trauma.


Symptoms involve dizziness, headaches, fogginess, and nausea. Fortunately, physiotherapy can effectively assess and treat symptoms associated to concussions. Treatment methods such as manual therapy, Mckenzie Diagnostic Technique, acupuncture, exercise, and education can help significantly improve function.

Our physiotherapists use evidence based training to treat concussions and to help patients live functional lives.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses mechanical percussion to remodel and provide healing to chronic injuries and scar tissue. It has been shown to be very effective for long persisting injuries such as tennis elbow, tendon or ligament injuries, surgical scars, osteoarthritis, and frozen shoulder. For any injury, 3 sessions minimum are required. This is not safe for use over recent fracture sites or open surgical wounds. Book today to get healed faster.


Bracing, Custom Compression Socks, and Medical Equipment


We provide fitting and measurements for bracing, compression socks, and medical equipment. These tools help to speed recover and help you perform better.

We carry brands such as Don Joy, McDavid, VOXX, MD+, Jobst, Game Ready, and many other reputable brands. Give us a call today to book an appointment for your fitting needs. No direct billing available for these items at this time.

Home-care Physiotherapy

We offer home visits for patients who are unable to come to the clinic.  These are helpful for those who has recent surgery, bedridden, in a wheelchair, in long term care, or needs extra specialized care. The first appointment involves a home assessment and creating an effective treatment plan.

Afterwards, followup appointments are done by a physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant.

asian young caregiver caring for her elderly patient at senior daycare Handicap patient in a wheelchair at the hospital talking to a friendly nurse and looking cheerful nurse wheeling Senior patient



Initial Assessment$12040 mins
Followup Appointments$9030 mins

Concussion Therapy

Concussion Assessment$18060 min
Followup Treatment$9030 min
Medical Notes$20

Shock Therapy

$12020 mins

Home Visits

$185Assessment or Followup

*if within 10km of the clinic.  Additional charges are applicable with further distances.

We offer free consults (15min) with tele rehab

We offer exercises sheets emailed directly to your email inbox!


Derek Cheung

Derek Cheung is a registered physiotherapist and the delighted owner of DC Sport Physio Clinic. He is certified in McKenzie Diagnostic Technique (MDT) and has training in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He offers assessments and treatments using manual therapy, education, acupuncture, and exercise via in person and through tele rehab services. Derek is excited and dedicated to provide his patients with treatment based on the latest evidence in sports medicine research. Derek is a graduate from Queen’s University physical therapy program and also holds a Master’s in Rehabilitation Sciences from Western University.During his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family, working out, and volunteering at church. He offers services in English, Cantonese, and some French.

Professional Affiliations

  • Ontario Physiotherapy Association
  • McKenzie Diagnostic Technique
  • Sunnybrook Hospital (St. John's Rehab) - working with the best surgeons in Toronto, Ontario


Benjamin Chan, Physiotherapist

Born and raised in Toronto, Ben studied at York University, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology. He then went on to complete his Masters in Physiotherapy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, consequently working in a tremendously busy hospital outpatient physiotherapy department. Ben would go on providing freelance physiotherapy services for in home cases, senior homes, and senior day care centres before immigrating back to Canada. In the last 5 years of practice, Ben has gathered experience working with sports injuries, post operative care, assessment and treatment of conditions associated with aging, chronic pain, and exercise prescription. He enjoys actively involving his clients in the care plan, ensuring that each client understands their current situation and providing them the tools and knowledge to place them on the trajectory to a normal life again. When he’s not at the clinic, Ben’s life involves hiking, researching about random things (right now it’s on car care), practicing mixed martial arts, taking photos of his cat, and spending time with his loved ones. He is fluent in English and Cantonese, and is currently being tutored in Mandarin.

DC Sport Physio Clinic Location

2900 Steeles Ave East, Unit 209, Thornhill L3T 4X1

The clinic is located on the 2nd floor inside the mall and accessible by elevator or stairs.

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Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm,

Saturday 9am to 1pm, closed Sundays

We treat WSIB and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.

We do not offer OHIP physiotherapy.

We direct bill to most major insurance companies.