What is Telerehab?

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Telerehab is a safe and effective method of delivering physiotherapy assessment and treatment  via videoconferencing using a webcam.  Telerehab can be performed on a computer/laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  Patients will have the opportunity to share health information in a safe and efficient manner to our physiotherapist, and be treated for their condition through special tests and exercises. Patients can simply use household objects for exercises!

Who Is This For?

Telerehab can be used by anyone who cannot leave their home or office for a certain reason. For example: pandemic, work travel, stay at home parent, sick and unable to leave home, living in a rural area/areas restricted to healthcare, or incarceration. Telerehab can be administered anywhere with a secure internet connection.  It is recommended that the treatment be done in a quiet and safe area according to each patient’s needs.


Each patient should have a well lit area to work in and have adequate room to move around.  Patients can wear loose gym clothing they are able to move around in and roll up as needed for assessment.  A sturdy chair with a back rest is recommended.  The physiotherapist will make open suggestions to what else can be used for treating the patient.  An electronic device with webcam and microphone will be required for telerehab.